Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vegetarian Quinoa Chili and a Catch Up

Well, shucks! I could have sworn that I posted between last Tuesday and today, but apparently not. While Charlie was out of town last week, I kept busy with a girls' throwback movie night, happy hour, pilates, and many walks filled with Lucy pulling me to three discarded slices of pizza in bushes nearby.

On Sunday, we hosted a small game night at our house. I tried my hand at making Vegetarian Quinoa Chili for the first time and thought the results were pretty delicious, despite the inappropriateness of chili in 90-100 degree weather. I was the only non-meat-eater of the bunch, but everyone else still seemed satisfied :) Our friends also brought mozarella, basil, and heirloom tomato salad and a decadent (but airy!) chocolate pudding/cake dessert. Wavelength and Cards Against Humanity were our favorite games of the night, and I can't wait to repeat soon... Any suggestions for future game nights?

My parents are in town, so tonight, we are headed out to meet them for dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in Hollywood. I can't wait for the ceviche mixto (and to see Mom and Dad)!


  1. I have added you to the list of my favourite blogs on my site as i enjoy reading your blogs so much :) here is a link to it http://bevsfoodhaven.wordpress.com/my-favourite-blogs-websites-and-more/

  2. Thanks so much, Bev! Glad to hear that you're enjoying it. I see that your blog has a bunch of new quinoa recipes lately - I'll have to check them out :)